Cuisine: Jamaican

Average price pp: £26

NEW RESTAURANT ALERT! The Real Jerk has opened up a branch in Streatham Hill,

South London. The boldly coloured shop front and the fact that is located on the corner

make it extremely hard to miss. I was on the bus going from Brixton to Croydon and it

caught my attention. Filled with joy that another Caribbean restaurant had opened up close

to home, I had to make a date to visit.


This is the first London location with its main and most popular site being in Toronto, Canada.

The site where Rihanna’s record breaking video for her reggae inspired hit “work”

was filmed. It’s that iconic!

There are stalls outside which make a lovely addition for days when the weather is good. The inside

décor definitely screams originality. Tables are plated in images of Jamaicans stars such

as Bob Marley, Usain Bolt and Shelly-Anne Fraser to pay tribute to the talent that emerged

from this tiny, remarkable nation.

The menu is quite small and features traditional dishes such as  jerk chicken, saltfish fritters

and rum punch. The sauce pot has advertised “Try our jerk pork” on it, so I did along with

saltfish fritter and a dutty gyal the cocktail which had Baileys as its base. The name of this

cocktail alone let you know that this is a Jamaican restaurant owned by Jamaican people.


The food did take time to come however I was reassured that it was going to come soon. Whilst I

waited a member of the team came and spoke to me which I found to be a great gesture

and good customer service.

My drink, the dutty gyal cocktail was lovely. Baileys is the one of the nicest drinks, my palate

takes to anything that contains it. I did however, feel that for the small amount, £9

was a bit expensive.

When the fritters did arrive I was grateful that such a large portion was given, I would have

preferred a bit more saltfish but on a whole they were big, tasty and full of flavour. For only £3

I think that I should have order another 6 to take out.

The jerk pork with rice and peas were complimented by gravy and salad. I thought that both the

portion size and presentation of this meal were superb. A larger amount of gravy could have

been given as I felt that it wasn’t enough for my meal. Nonetheless, the nice, dry, thick cuts of

jerk pork had a good proportion of tender fat which gave an amazing texture and immense taste.

The smoked, grilled flavour was most certainly present in this dish. It WAS definitely

real jerk, no pun intended.

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


In a location full of restaurants of all types of cuisine the Real Jerk has made its mark. Oozing with authenticity it stands out as there is nothing quite like it in its area. To set up shop in Streatham, South London where just like Toronto, has a large population of the Caribbean diaspora, I am overjoyed. The culture of this establishment is bold and uncompromised. It would be nice if they expand the drink and food menu. I believe this eatery will do extremely well and hopefully more sites will open up around the UK in the future, it’s needed.


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