Cuisine: Jamaican

Average price pp: £10 – 16 

Rudie’s has opened up another site at Box park in Shoreditch. Congratulations to them on that!

The new site is nice with dining space inside as well as outside. Thank God they were located

in the room furthest away from the entrance because it was the warmest room and mi can’t tek

dis cold weather!!

There is less on the menu compared to the Dalston site obviously due to it being smaller and

more of a street food restaurant. I wanted to remind myself of what the Jerk boss burger

tasted like so that was the first thing that I had ordered. What I loved about this burger

the first time that I had it was how the meat was cooked. It was in between medium and

well done and that’s what made it stand out to me.  This time however, it was

a bit too well done.

Furthermore, the mushroom and callaloo wrap was savoury. The sauteed callaloo, with

jerk seasoned mushrooms were good together. They were wrapped in a roti which

also had a curry-like flavouring and this boosted the overall taste. My old colleague

has this as well and stated that she enjoyed it very much.To drink I asked for water as

the Guinness punch was unavailable but there wasn’t any water either so I got a lemonade,

but after I did see someone order water so I’m not sure about this.

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Most of the things on the menu I had already tried at the other site hence, this review being quite short. Staff were very friendly, and the food did not take long to come, but I’m not quite sure about the water situation. Moreover, I would say that the atmosphere is similar to the Dalston site very chilled and welcoming.


Mushroom and Calalloo wrap


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