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Cuisine: Jamaican

Average price pp: £20

Rhythm Kitchen, is located in the food court on the second floor of Westfield shopping centre

in Stratford. The food court is very spacious so there were many  seating options to choose  from

when sitting which was great.


When I had spoken to the manager he was a bit negative which was off putting. Nevertheless, 

a good thing was that every main meal came with two side orders and once I had ordered,

the wait time wasn’t long at all.

To drink we (me and my guest) had sorrel. This made me wonder why I don’t drink sorrel

more often. It was very refreshing, strong tasting and sugary to the right extent. I found this

beverage to be very satisfying. 

My starter of saltfish fritters came shaped as small balls, this made them light and easy to eat.

The outer layer was lovely and crisp and the saltfish inside was delicious. Furthermore, the

rich and creamy chilli mayonnaise made an excellent dip.

For my main meal I had the lamb curry with rice and peas and plantains. The plantains were

decent and the lamb was cooked until tender and had a nice texture. However,  the lamb, had an

unusual flavour and it was bland. I couldn’t taste the coconut flavour or spices that were said

to be in it. This made the dish as a whole taste simple as the lamb curry did not add any

flavour to the rice and peas. 

Furthermore, my guest ordered the jerk chips and jerk wings with plantain. She enjoyed the

wings very much. I thought that they had flavour but I wouldn’t call them jerk. The seasoned

fries were a bit cold and the jerk seasoning sprinkled on them made them a bit dry.

The macaroni cheese that she had as a side she found to be so lovely, that she wanted to order a

second one.

We ordered a another drink of fruit punch which tasted very different to the fruit punch that I have

had in the past. I appreciate them doing something different but, my palate didn’t take to it

neither did my guests’. 

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Although I thoroughly enjoyed the saltfish fritters and sorrel and would strongly recommend them, I feel that the flavour in the other dishes that I tried at Rhythm Kitchen could be enhanced.


Saltfish fritters


Visit: rhythmkitchen.co/stratford/

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