Cuisine: Jamaican/Caribbean Fusion

Average price pp: £15-£25

 JRK BROS is a brand new eatery founded by two friends on a quest to take Caribbean fusion food

to new heights. Both owners have Jamaican heritage and felt that there wasn’t any current

Caribbean restaurants who presented Caribbean cuisine in a modern way, thus they created this

venture to fill this market gap. They are currently operating as a pop up restaurant at Interludee

bar in Lee, South London serving unique dishes that are made from the finest and freshest produce.

After drooling over a variety of exotic sounding cocktails listed on the menu, I settled for the

French Vanilla Ciroc cocktail which was primarily made up of French Vanilla Ciroc hence the name.

I thoroughly enjoyed this drink. The sweet aroma of vanilla could be smelled just as equally as it

could be tasted.

I had a starter of jerk wings, which were incredible. Delicate pieces of chicken came gracefully

of the bone once I bit into them. A light ketchup sauce was drizzled over them giving a sweet

yet tangy savour which complimented the spiciness from the jerk seasoning. The portion

size was also very generous for £4.95.

Now I adore salmon so when I saw that JRK BROS served it jerked in a burger… I had to order.

It came s with coleslaw and sweet potato fries. In my opinion the jerk flavour wasn’t strong

enough so the salmon tasted quite fresh. It was still a good burger though with the bun

being softly textured and the salad being crunchy. Furthermore, the sweet potato fries tasted

good and had a lovely crispy outer layer just how I like them. 



Jerk Wings 

Ciroc cocktail


Visit: http://jrkbros.com/

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