Cuisine: Trinidadian

Average price pp: £15-£25

Most of the restaurants that I have visited are inspired by Jamaican culture, so I was

excited to try a restaurant that was Trinidadian influenced. Situated in the peppy,

eclectic food court of Box Park in East Croydon, Fish, Wings and Tings is a

street food restaurant. With bold, bright colours being the theme it’s hard to miss.

I tasted three drinks: homemade ginger beer, rum punch and an egg nogg. Never had

egg nogg before, but I’ve heard a lot of people say that they don’t like. Dem must

be madd! It was my favourite out of all three. Just bad and wicked! Kind of reminded

me a bit of Guinness punch but smoother and nicer. Rumour has it, this drink

is made with 17 bottles of overproof rum, which is probably why I loved it so much.


Next up, cod fish fritters with ginger and lime aioli. Exquisite, well- prepared and well made!

Hands down the best fish fritters that I have ever had! Soft inside, crisp outside, they

had an amazing texture. The lime and ginger aioli is what did it for me. Sweet, with a subtle,

sharp hint of ginger it added that extra star quality to an already amazing food! I was amazed,

this starter was fit fi a King!

For mains, I chose the coconut curry prawns which came with rice and peas, pineapple and

mango chutney, and coleslaw. I’m not a fan of coleslaw, but with the other flavours I

couldn’t really taste it. It would have been better if it came as a side or even separate.

Nevertheless, I appreciate that it wasn’t made with too much mayonnaise. The curry prawns had a

lovely aroma and I had a cold that day so the pepperness (if that’s even a word) helped with

this and also gave the meal that extra kick. Furthermore, nothing could have been more

complimentary than the fruit based chutney! That sweetness combined with the pepper,

and then the fresh coconut taste was an excellent combo, instead of conflicting, all the different

flavours bounced off each other nicely. Hungry belly, craven, greedy me wanted more. 

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Although I only tasted a small selection of the menu, what I had at Fish, Wings & Tings was amazing. It is clear that a lot of effort goes in to making the the food. The seasoning and spices are just so wonderful and the staff are nice too. If you’re someone who loves a lively scene it’s a great place, because box park hosts events, so you can enjoy some entertainment whilst eating some lovely Trinidadian style food!


Egg Nogg

Fish Fritters 

Coconut Curry Prawns



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