Rum Diaries is based in the quiet, suburban town of Ajax, Toronto in Canada. My first

impression was “nice”. There’s a cute spot to dine outside but unfortunately Canada’s

cold weather told me to stay inside. I thought it was quiet for a Friday night,

but they were playing the tunes, some old skool dancehall that had more people

been there, it would have probably turned into a party. I sat in a booth but there

were options of high seated tables and average sized tables. The bar was located

in the centre. After seeing the menu, I understood where the name Rum Diaries

came from. A vast selection of rums from different parts of the world but mostly

from the different islands in the Caribbean.

Me being adventurous me decided to go for a Jalapeno Mango Mojito ($9) I mean

what is a jalapeno doing in a cocktail? I had to find out! It came garnished with a

small strip of sugar cane, that was nice until the sugar goes then you’re left with straw like

texture in your mouth but that’s sugar cane for you. The drink itself lacked sweetness,

so I did not taste any mango. The mint at the bottom though, gave it a fresh taste. I found

it  to be more pleasing when the ice had melted a little.

The starters took a while to come and were quite big so they would be appropriate

for sharing. The ackee and saltfish spring rolls ($16), that came with a tomato salsa

were alright. I just found the roll to be a bit soft and overpriced.

A calalloo dip ($16) that came with corn chips, plantain chips and naan bread was extremely

cheesy that it was more of a cheese dip than a calalloo dip as there was hardly any in it.

Nevertheless, it was still scrumptious. As I do not like the texture of chips (crisps in the UK),

they weren’t for me. O had the naan bread instead which was brilliant. 

Bracos ($15) were up next and I know you’re thinking What on earth is that? It’s just

tacos but made out of bread fruit. The fillings available vegetarian, crispy shrimp,

jerk chicken and basa. I chose basa, a species of catfish. This came topped with ancho mayo,

tomato salsa and lettuce which gave an incredible taste. For those who don’t know what

breadfruit is, it’s a fruit very popular in the Caribbean and South America. It got it’s name

due to some comparing it to the taste of bread. To me it has a very unique flavour: burnt

and a bit bitter. These were crunchy and I enjoyed the filling more than the breadfruit.

Onto the fourth and final starter: banana steamed mussels ($16). The sauce was sweet,

a little thick and creamy. This took away that weird taste that, to me, mussels have. 

They were soft and cooked just right. The sauce also made an excellent dip

for the naan bread.

The main meal was a Caribbean seafood gumbo ($28) made up of: mussels, scallops,

shrimp and crab all in a curry cream broth. This was served over garlic mash potatoes.

This was roughly the same size as the banana mussels starter which demonstrates the portion

sizes. Again the mussels were delicious. The scallops were soft and light and so were the shrimp.

I couldn’t really taste any crab and I don’t like mash potato so again, I ate this dish with

the naan bread.

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


My server made my experience what it was. The customer service was very personal. Furthermore, the music was also great. Food did take a while to come out and I did feel like certain dishes were overpriced. Nevertheless, the food was well prepared and had most dishes had amazing flavour.


Banana steamed mussels

Callaloo dip










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