Cuisine: Martiniquais

Average price pp: 20 to 25 Euros

La Rhumerie is situated in the heart of Saint Germain. The colour theme of the restaurant is brown and green and inside looks very grand and well Parisian. Pictures of dark skinned can be seen on the walls. They were stunning and perfectly represented Afro-Martiniquais culture.

Certain parts of the restaurant could have been neater, it was evident that people had eaten at some of the tables although the restaurant only had a few people dining. After being seated it did take a while for me and my guest to be served. Once we finally were I ordered the chocolat creole and my guest, a mango daiquiri.

The chocolat creole was unusual in a good way. It’s rich, earthy, slightly bitter but sweet flavour was unlike anything that I have had in a cocktail before. The consistency  was thick almost like a milkshake combined with a chocolate mousse. The rum deepened the taste and made all the flavours previously stated stronger. I also detected a hint of orange. Furthermore, I sipped my guest mango daiquiri and found it to be refreshing, fruity and marginally sour.

I selected an assortment of dishes to have as a starter. The first food that I tasted was saltfish accras. It was as if they had been made out of a palatable air. They were extremely light and fluffy, they melted in the mouth too. I then had the crab spread on toast. In short, it was out of this world. A delicious, somewhat fishy, well flavoured paste over a toasted poilâne bread slice. The plantains were extremely ripe which caused them to have a honeyed flavour. They were also quite soft and fried until a nice medium brown colour which made some parts crispy. The final food on this starter dish were cod fish cakes. They were my least favourite. For me the soft fish and hard pastry didn’t compliment each other. I also felt that it lacked basic seasoning.

The service was non-existent and both staff and owner didn’t seem bothered which was disappointing.

The menu description of the pork salad made my mouth water but when it arrived I felt the opposite. Poorly presented ripped up pieces of bacon thrown over badly cut cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes. I asked if they had mixed up my order… No, this was definitely mine. I had to sent it back. They did offer me another dish but I declined. It completely threw me off along with the displeasing service. It was added to my bill at the end though where I had to explain that I didn’t touch it.  I don’t think I will be visiting there again.


Chocolat creole

Mango daiquiri

Saltfish accras

Fried plantain

Creole crab on toasted poilâne bread



Sadly I found the service at La Rhumerie distasteful but the interior and decoration nicely showcased Martiniquais culture. The chocolat creole was an interesting and tasty cocktail. Additionally, I enjoyed three out of four of the foods of my starter dish and feel that on a whole they were well prepared. The pork salad dish however was quite displeasing. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant, it’s hard for me to do so when staff and even the owner lack basic customer service.

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