Cuisine: Cuban

Average price pp: €20 – €30

Fancy getting a taste of Cuba in the middle of Paris. That’s just what restaurant Cuba Compagnie aims to offer. On a corner of the bustling main road, Beauchamis Boulevard, you can dine both inside and outside. In mild to hotter temperatures the outside option is more fun because there is a section that has sand which adds to the tropical Cuban theme. I chose to sit here as the Parisian weather on this day had been great.

A zombie cocktail stuck out to me on the extensive detailed cocktail menu. I mean zombie sound dangerous I wonder what it would taste like. Thick, fruity, with a bit a rum I was underwhelmed. It wasn’t what I had anticipated. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t exciting either. Whilst sipping on this a wasp wanted to get a taste too and fell in which staff dealt with professionally.

An assortment of starters including marinated chicken wings, guacamole with nachos, fried pork belly and plantain made a colourful and appetizing plate. The marinated wings had a dry texture and a lovely salty taste. The same with the fried pork belly. The guacamole was mild with hints of chilli and tasted amazing with crunchy nachos. The two foods really are the ultimate combination. Thick cut, sweetened plantain slices added a candied flavour to the platter and made the taste even more interesting.

Furthermore, they tasted so good [plantains] I was glad to see that they came on the side of my main entrée which consisted of barbecue pork ribs, rice and sweet potato mash. This meal was quite heavy as all four foods were quite hearty and rich. Nevertheless, it was delicious mainly due to the creamy sweet potato mash and succulent ribs. The rice on the other hand lacked flavour and I would have preferred for the texture to have been softer and fluffier.

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Cuba Compagnie perfectly captured the cool and calm vibes that are associated with Cuban culture. I had a pleasant experience and received good customer service. The zombie cocktail wasn’t the best but majority of the food that I savoured was nicely seasoned and tasted good.


Assortment of starters

Barbecue ribs with rice


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