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Cuisine: Jamaican / Jamaican fusion

Average price pp :  $18 – $50 (USD)

Have you ever dined at a pier before? Luckily, I had the pleasure in doing so at Pier One in

Montego Bay, Jamaica. This restaurant was surrounded by the most surreal view of sea

and the weather: a hot climate that gave a cool breeze ever so often. The wooden planked

floor mimicked that of a boat. Even when entering, you go up a slight slope as if you were

entering a ship. The bar is in the centre and tables are around the edges. The restaurant

set up is so effortlessly graceful that it reminded me of a wedding venue. Although Montego Bay

is known for its tourism, there is a nice mix of locals who go there so you get a true taste

of Jamaican culture. 

I visited Pier One twice whilst in Montego Bay. On the Friday night they had a fashion

show which later turned into a party where the best dancehall tunes,

old skool and new skool, dominated the playlist. I had

a jerk chicken alfreddo pasta. The pasta was cooked well, however the jerk chicken was

quite bland. The alfreddo sauce wasn’t creamy or cheesy enough and lacked spices. 

 Furthermore I found the garlic bread to be too soft and starchy.


The second visit was on a Thursday afternoon so it wasn’t as live as the Friday night the week

before, but the ambience was still great. My server Leroy was the definition of excellent service,

he really went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and satisfied.

To drink I had a dirty banana. This drink hit me good. I mean the look of surprise on my face,

whilst having whipped cream on my upper lip was quite the picture. The banana taste was

subtle, and the chocolate sauce gave it a lovely sweet flavour.

 This was one of the best cocktails  that I have tasted!

A starter of ackee wonton: a Chinese take on a traditional Jamaican fruit, took me by surprise.

The presentation was neat and the taste was impeccable.  The ackee inside was very tender and

had a salty flavour. Likewise , the soy sauce dip enhanced this.

A sea food chowder followed. The texture was thick and custard like with lumps of sea food

such as shrimp, lobster, crab. Overall, it was good tasting and could be eaten as a soup

or used as a dip.

The sex on the pier cocktail was beautifully presented, but I feel the alcohol and fruity flavours

were quite weak. Would have enjoyed it more if they were stronger.

The jerk conch was nice and firm with a peppery aftertaste. It came with a creamy mash

that I found to be to hard and bland and steamed vegetables; carrots and green beans

that too were not soft enough for my liking. The vegetables were also about a third of the

meal which I found to be too much.

Furthermore, the coconut fried shrimp wasn’t too bad considering that I do not like

coconut shavings. The plantains were soft but again the steamed veg was a bit firm. 

Another sea food dish the mega one pot, contained lobster, clams, oysters, shrimp corn

and potato. On the menu it states crab but as the crab was absent in this one, they

doubled up on shrimp. This soups broth was so delicious they could serve it alone.

The amount of sea food given was generous it filled out the pot. Also, it was easy to

take the shells off. 


  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Pier 1 is the place to go to whether you want to relax and have a meal whilst enjoying the spectacular view of the sea, or if you want a lively night of entertainment. Staff were very professional and the service was superb on both of the nights that I visited. Their dirty banana cocktail is the one of the best cocktails that I have ever tasted. Every meal that I savoured wasn’t for me, however, I would definitely go back to try more dishes off the menu. I strongly suggest for people to visit this excellent establishment whenever they are in Montego Bay!!


Dirty banana

Sea food chowder

Mega one pot


Visit: pieronejamaica.com/







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