Cuisine: Jamaican

Average price pp: $15-$25 (USD)

Dining in Montego Bay, and want sea food? Fish Hut is the place to go to. Sourced from

local fishmongers, the food is hearty, healthy and fresh. Founded by owner Ian 30 years ago,

it is situated on the main highroad in Greenwood and offers a variety of meals

including lobster, shrimp and conch. Diners get to choose how these are cooked whether it

be steamed, grilled or jerked. Furthermore, the idyllic scenery will have you mesmerised as

you gaze at the beautiful blue sea, which is right behind the restaurant.

As someone who has never had bammy before, I was pleasantly surprised after I had eaten it.

Bammy is a Jamaican flat bread made out of cassava. Cooked two ways: steamed and fried,

the latter had a delicious crunch with a thin delicate layer in the centre. This  dish was complimented

by a sapid escovitch fish, topped with sliced white onions and a scotch bonnet pepper. 

The steamed version was soft and more water based for obvious reasons. At first, I thought it

was on par with the fried version but after having a few slices I began to feel fuller, a lot faster.

I ate the steamed bammy with peppered shrimp, which had a spicy buttery savour. I would

have liked for the shrimp to have been a bit more succulent, nevertheless they were

still tasty and a good size.

I found the fish tea to be more nutritional than pleasurable. The small pieces of fish at the

bottom were a bit random and I would have preferred for there to have been more fish included

or no fish at all, like a broth.


The steamed fish, snapper, came served in foil, retaining all the flavour and moisture.

The onions and chopped okra that it had been cooked with, made a lovely juice that the

fish basked in. Furthermore, the okra being chopped eliminated the slimy texture that this

vegetable has when eaten whole, making this dish, in my opinion, more enjoyable.

My current favourite food, conch, was steamed and jerked. I loved both. Also, served in foil,

they soaked up the wonderful, enticing flavours. The conch had an impeccable firmness and

the portion size was perfect. Although, both were excellent, I must say, I did prefer

the jerked conch.

And what’s more exciting than eating jerked conch. The answer to that question is devouring

down on some jerked squid! With a smoothness contrasted by a slight feel of tiny tentacles,

squid’s texture is like no other. I tend to like my food with a lot off seasoning, but the jerk was

mild which I think was best. I wouldn’t usually order octopus to eat at a restaurant but this

dish has changed my opinion and mindset when I see it on menus in the future!


  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


All levels of staff at Fish Hut were highly professional and I received an exceptional service. They have been there or 30 years and I’m sure they will be there for another 30 and more. A splendid establishment offering fine, fresh Jamaican styled seafood, prepared in multiple ways to personally cater to diners. Definitely a fish lovers food haven!

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