Cuisine: Jamaican/Grenadian/Bajan/Caribbean

Average Price: £8-£16

Hidden away in Merton Abbey Mills, South Wimbledon stands a beautiful, hut designed

Caribbean restaurant Ting N Ting. From the tram stop it’s a bit of a walk and I also had to cut through

a park to reach it. Yellow coloured benches are placed outside for dining and miniature Grenadian flags

surround the eatery, representing the owner and chef, Garfield’s, heritage. Although, his roots are Grenadian,

Garfield admires Jamaican cuisine and stated, “we try our best to replicate the food

to taste just how it would taste in Jamaica.”

A cool beverage of soursop juice was served in a large clear coca cola glass. Homemade with condensed

milk, it was slightly thick, slightly sweet and very refreshing. The taste is very distinct and there is not something

that I could liken it to.  Soursop has been a staple fruit in the Caribbean islands but has recently become more

popular in other cultures due to it’s cancer fighting qualities and some people claiming it to be a superfood.

My entrée of jerk pork, rice and peas and salad was enticing although the gravy could have

been thicker.  The cuts of pork were superb and not to sound unhealthy but the best part was the fat:

so delicate, pudgy and squidgy I loved every part of it! Also, being apart of the lunch time special

this meal was only £6.95! 

As a heavy meat eater sometimes I try to give my gut a break and try something vegan or vegetarian.

Well, I already had the jerk pork so I am not sure that this counts on this particular occasion but I had a

second entrée of vegetable curry which contained sweet potato and okra. I can appreciate this dish and believe

that plant based eaters would enjoy it, but it wasn’t my favourite, I did prefer the jerk pork.


When asking Garfield how long Ting N Ting had been running for, he replied ” since 2002″ I looked at him surprised.

“We don’t really advertise” he continued. Which I found to be quite sad. I think they should advertise more as I

found this place to be very unique and homely. Howbeit, I would say that the interior could be improved. The pictures

on the wall organised better and the filing cabinet removed to make it more professional.

Apart from this everything was great.

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Service
  • Food Presentation
  • Food Quality


I loved the ambience at Ting and Ting as I felt that it was homely. The soursop juice was delicious and so was my jerk pork. The lunch time specials make the restaurant more attractive. Only £6.95 for most of the main dishes that are advertised on the menu. The service is decent, and more people should be aware Ting N Ting’s existence and scrumptious food. I can only imagine how amazing the vibe is at night!


Visit: https://tingnting.com/

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