Cuisine: Caribbean Fusion 

Average price pp: £20 – £26


The Beachcomber is a Caribbean themed restaurant located in Queensway. I say Caribbean because it cannot be

linked to one specific island. There are dishes that could be referred to as Jamiacan fusion such as ackee hummus but they

have also collaborated with Vanessa Bolosier on food, a Guadeloupean chef and cookbook author.


Situated opposite Bayswater tube station it is not that obvious to spot as it has a narrow shop front due

to it being an underground restaurant. The bar is to the left with seating in front and the rest of the dining

space is to the right, which also features a secluded area.


This establishment consists of two separate entities one The Beachcomber bar and the Spice Guys, who do the food.


The décor was beautiful and actually gave me a Haiwaan vibe. It was very wooden with bright blue lights

randomly placed in the chairs and the bar. The lighting however was dark, a bit too dark, it would have

been nice if they brighter.

A rhum clement daiquiri was on offer for £6. It was small and the taste of rum was strong,

however I found it to be rather plain and bland.


Although, my drink was offered and served promptly the food was not. I was ignored for a while

before being approached for food and the restaurant was empty.

When finally approached I ordered a variety of small plates one being the plantain chips and ackee

hummus. An usual combination and I’m not the one for hummus but this was delicious. Whipped light

and flavoured well. The plantain chips took me back to my early childhood when I used to over consume

cheese and onion crisp which to me they tasted similar too, though now as an adult I absolutely

despise crisp the taste of these could easily turn me back.

Furthermore, the sweetcorn and sweet potato fritters were unique and creative. At first, when I bit

into them there wasn’t much of a taste but after chewing a couple times, the rich flavours emerged

with the sweetcorn adding an enjoyable, hint of sweetness.

Next up were the ackee and saltfish spring rolls. You double dip these, first in the thin chilli

sauce and then in the thicker whipped avocado sauce or whichever way you please. The parcel of the

spring roll was firm and crunchy, a positive, as sometimes they can get soggy. Furthermore, the saltfish

had a good amount of saltiness along with having great firmness to it.

The jerk fries were normal white potato fries with pimento: the main ingredient in jerk dishes. The chips

arrived nice and hot but the pimento seasoning was extremely subtle, would have been nice if this spice

had a stronger flavour. Slightly spiced fries would have been a more appropriate title for

this particular dish.



Sweetcorn potato fritters 

Ackee and saltfish spring rolls 

Ackee hummus and plantain chips




  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Overall, I did find the layout of Beachcomber and the food menu created by the spice guys extremely impressive. Service was good and friendly but at certain points it needed improving. They do not offer traditional Jamaican or Caribbean fare but a twist on in which I found to be inventive, creative and tasty.

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