photo credit: @rudieslondon
photo credit: @rudieslondon
photo credit: @rudieslondon

Cuisine: Jamaican

Average price per person:£28-£35

Rudie’s, is a restaurant situated on a corner of the busy Dalston high street. It has been open for about

2 years, and as well as a restaurant also has a bar that offers a wide selection of cocktails, mocktails,

wines and classic Jamaican rums.


This was my third visit to Rudie’s. I had been there when they had first opened and another time

for my Dad’s 60th birthday, so I know a bit about the food.

Upon my first visit, I had the patties and the jerk platter to share with family, and for myself,

the Jerk burger, which really stood out to me. It was oh so very delicious! I remember

the beef being very succulent and flavourful.

For my Dad’s 60th I had the jerk prawns, only to realise on this visit, that it has extra spicy written

next to it and indeed it was! One mouthful led to me gulping down a lot of water. My mouth was on fyah!

Rudie’s why di prawns suh hatt? lol

This time round I ordered the boston wings. They weren’t as spicy as the pepper prawns but still

were quite hot. I had one and put the rest in a goodie bag to take home. Despite this, they

were moist, tender and perfectly cooked.

Next up, ackee and saltfish with dumpling. The waiter had recommended this as it was his

favourite. Personally, I think it was okay, I prefer mine a bit more salty. The overall

texture was good though, and the onions and peppers had a nice crunch to them. 

Furthermore, I really enjoyed the papaya and avocado salad. It was well put together, and the

papaya added a sweet, subtle flavour to the avocado and salad which naturally taste quite bland.

Definitely a good side especially if you have a meat based main or something spicy.

The pulled pork balls were spicy, but to the right degree, in other words I could handle it.

They came with a spiced mayo dip that complimented them nicely and was needed

as alone, the pork balls are quite dry.

What’s more, the calamari was delightful. The squid meat was soft and batter was delicate

and crispy. I also liked the pieces that were selected for this dish. At most places, the calamari is

cut into rings, this one was a combination of tubes and chunks and I found this to be more enjoyable.

Again, like the pork balls the dip that came with the calamari complimented it very well.

For some reason I already had an idea of what the macaroni cheese with jerk ham hock

would taste like. Some type of bacon-like, smoked flavour, but it didn’t taste like what I

had envisioned. The taste of ham was quite strong. Next time I will order just plain macaroni

cheese because I still liked the crumble that was on top. 

Additionally, an apple crumble with rum custard for afters and may I say this was absolutely

scrumptious! The apple sauce was nice and sweet and the custard had just a hint of rum, so it wasn’t

overbearing. My only complaint is that I wish that more custard came with it.  I felt that there

was not enough for the amount of apple crumble that I received. 

I love a good drink, but decided to calm down on this particular night and this was a good

decision as the “Jamaica Mi Crazy” mocktail did not disappoint. It was Di-Vine! Ingredients

were blended well, and there was a cream-like thick layer on top which I believe was the orgeat,

a syrup made from almonds. This made the drink, it had a really sweet flavour and gave it that

boost kick, it was definitely worth the fiver!

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Overall, Rudie’s had a nice selection of food and drink and I did enjoy myself. Staff were nice and welcoming so the hospitality was good. I would definitely recommend people to go there if they wanted some Caribbean food or just to eat and/or drink in general!


The Jerk Burger,


 Boston Wings

 Pulled Pork Balls

“Jamaica Mi Crazy” Mocktail







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