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Cuisine: Jamaican

Average price pp: £20-£25

Located on the main road in Brixton Hill, Negril is a restaurant, with a lovely front garden

that you can dine in. Enclosed with vibrant, beautiful, green plants the scenery is amazing.

A perfect option for a nice summer’s day! 


There were already many people dining when I had arrived, and looking at the menu I could

see why. When given the menu I did feel like staff could have come over a little sooner but

apart from that the service was great.

A good ‘ol ginger beer and a traditional rum punch to kick things off, homemade of course

and way better than the shop bought ones! The right amount of ginger was present in the

ginger beer, it wasn’t too strong and was rather refreshing. Likewise, the rum punch was

made good: sweet and fruity! 

Another juice Caribbean Queen was advertised on the board and caught my attention.

Thick, exotic and bright! It was more like a smoothie due to its texture, and was garnished

with coconut shavings making it oh so pretty!

  A portion of jerk ribs for starters. Delicate and tender, they ripped right off the bone. Yum!

They were also seasoned with the right amount of spices so they weren’t to hot. I really enjoyed these!

Furthermore, the saltfish fritters with a tangy lime mayo and hot sauce were absolutely divine.

I appreciate that two dipping sauces were given with this starter, it jazzed it up and made it

more interesting!

For mains, I had the oxtail stew with rice and gungo peas. Loved It! Loved It! Loved It!

Nice and braised the oxtail came with butter beans and carrots, a healthy inclusion to the meal that

made it delightful. In addition, I usually have kidney beans with rice, which can sometimes be a

bit heavy, so the gungo peas were a sound alternative and I found them to be lighter .

Next up, an ital stew with roti. This was very healthy and showed me, a carnivore, that meat

does not have to be included in every meal in order for it to be a good meal. It also came with roti a

Trinidadian dish, which I have never had before, so Negril broke my roti-ginity and they made

it a good experience. These two foods together were a great combo! 

I did a little mix and match for dessert because I’m just extra like that! Rum and raisin bread

pudding with banana butterscotch ice cream. Now that is different! You could tell the pudding had

been soaked in the right amount of rum, it was very toothsome. The butterscotch added a nice and

unexpected crunch to a smooth ice cream which could be tasted with every bite. This was definitely an

unusual combination, but all flavours complimented each other extremely well!

To finish up, a traditional Guinness Punch. A strong taste of a Guinness came through but it

didn’t overpower. A wonderful hint of nutmeg could also be tasted, which gave off a warm, fuzzy

feeling. Just delightful and a perfect way to end the night!


P.S I know you are all reading this thinking DAMN this greedy gyal ate a whole lot of food, which I did but,

I did have to take quite a bit home. I’m not that much of an eating machine.

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Everything I ate at Negril, and my God did I eat a lot, was impressive. The food was fresh, authentic and it was evident that it had been well prepared and well sourced. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for those who want real, authentic Caribbean food.


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