Cuisine: British/Jamaican

Average price pp: £3 – £15

Cobbs Corner, formerly known as Blue Mountain café, is on the main road in Sydenham, kind of opposite the station. The café is owned by two sisters, Julie and Honorata, who worked at Blue Mountain prior to taking ownership. It was as employees that they learned the basics of Jamaican flavours and continue to serve dishes inspired by the cuisine in a modern and creative way: alongside and fused with traditional British fare.

Upon entering the first thing that I noticed was a large shelving unit to the left. It was packed with fresh fruits, coffee, coffee machines, soft drinks and wines. It resembled a supermarket shelf but looked more pleasant as it brightened up the shop and gave it personality. The floors however, looked a bit worn out and need to be revamped in order to give the overall interior a more polished look.

To start off my day I went for an apple and ginger freshly squeezed juice. I had the option of apple, carrot, orange and ginger to choose from. All four could be blended if the customer wanted and the price would be the same – £3.50. Once placed on the table my nose detected a deep pungent smell of ginger. I could tell this drink was going to be good! The ginger didn’t overpower, but added a sharp punch to a naturally sweet drink.

I had a Jamaican breakfast – ackee and saltfish served on pancake, with sautéed spinach, tomato and poached egg, the latter which I changed for avocado slices. The pancakes had the perfect golden brown colour, were slightly crispy on the outside and soft in the centre. They also had the thickness of a bagel which was perfect for soaking up the juices of the other foods. The ackee was tender and the saltfish wasn’t too salty or flaky. I also enjoyed the wet and slightly bitter taste of the spinach. This dish was definitely one of the best breakfasts I’ve had!

Guinness is a well known Irish stout that is vastly popular in the Jamaican community. I love this drink and was amazed to see it in a cake topped with cream icing. The cake was firm and, in my opinion, could have had more moisture. It wasn’t too sweet which was beneficial taste wise as this could have made the Guinness flavour undetectable as it was already quite subtle. Or perhaps more Guinness could have been used in the cake.

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Cobbs corner is a nice little spot to go to for breakfast , lunch and even brunch. Staff are polite and I received a good service. The fresh juice that I had to drink was refreshing and delicious and I think four flavours is a great number to choose from. The Jamaican breakfast was tasty and I liked the use of pancakes instead of traditional hard food (boiled dumplings, potato, yam etc) which can be heavy. The cake texture could be improved but overall I would strongly recommend this café!


Apple and ginger juice

Jamaican breakfast


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