Average price pp: £25-£35

Lordhavemercy! I managed to make it to the Caribbean Smokehouse! A restaurant founded

by none other than Levi Roots: a British-Jamaican entrepreneur who became known to the

public after appearing on BBC One’s Dragon’s Den. It was founded in December 2015

and is located outside, on the ground floor of Westfield shopping centre in Stratford.

Inside is quite big and beautifully designed. The walls are a warm blue colour and the

chairs in the booth section match this.

When walking in there is an area enclosed by a

wooden frame. This is where I was seated.

The menu had a good variety of starters, meals and drinks

to choose from and I admired that although Roots

is from Jamaica, dishes inspired by Bajan and Guyanese cuisine were also available.

Contrary, to some restaurants who brand themselves as Caribbean but only offer one

island’s cuisine.

The cocktails were a decent price, ranging from £7.20 to £8.20. I chose the sorrel surprise,

which came with crushed ice filled to the top in a large glass. I couldn’t taste much of the sorrel and believe the drink would have tasted nicer if it was sweeter.

Moving on to my starter, calamari, it had a delicious taste. It was slightly overdone as the batter was quite crunchy but this matter did not ruin the fact that it was extremely flavoursome. 

Additionally, the service that my waitress provided was phenomenal. She was attentive and knew when to come over to see if everything was okay. Mr. Roots also stopped by and went around to every table to see how everyone was doing. I believe that he does this all the time which is a great gesture. It adds value to diners’ experience and makes it more memorable.

Proceeding onto the main course – a jerk mac n cheese burger which I upgraded to have sweet potato fries. Woah, this was a big burger. Huge I mean. I would have preferred for the beef to have been more succulent and for there to have been more salt and spices such as thyme or even parsley added to it. The same with the mac and cheese as it was somewhat insipid.

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


The Caribbean Smokehouse is definitely a restaurant that I would go back to in order to try some other dishes. The main dish and cocktail could have had more flavour, but the calamari was delicious and couldn’t have been more flavourful. Meeting Mr. Roots added to my experience and my waitress provided me with a great service.




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