Cuisine: Jamaican/British

Average price pp: £50

Jamaican cuisine and fine dining are not words commonly used in the same sentence, but this is where Ayanna’s London steps in. Located in Canary Wharf, they combine this style of food with a British influence, revolutionising fusion dishes whilst changing the ultimate perception of how people view traditional Jamaican fare.

With serene, medium blue walls, black and gold chairs, a polished grand piano and a bar, entering the reception alone had me in awe. Beyond this was the dining space, elegantly designed with a classic black and white theme, it defined the term luxury and was fully furbished with the addition of vibrant green plants, gold framed mirrors and pictures.

My first cocktail of the night was a pina colada made with Jamaica’s favourite overproof rum – Wray and Nephew. After having this, I believe that all pina coladas should be made this way. The potency of the Wray gave it an intense flavour and concurrently elevated the sweet aroma of the coconut rum.

A passionfruit daiquiri followed and it was a pleasantly rich drink with a delicious fruity presence.

The duck stir fry starter was stunningly presented. The noodles were tender and coated in a savoury sauce which gave them an oily, smooth texture. The duck was hidden insidethe dish and once I stuck my fork in, these generous thick cuts were revealed and my oh my were they tasty! There was also broccoli along with peppers which made a healthy addition.

A slight delay for the main, but when it arrived, a seafood cluster, it was garnished with cherry tomatoes and spring onion.

Created with calamari, shrimp and lobster pieces, covered in a finger-licking, sweet sauce, all enclosed by a filo pastry: this dish was creative. I would have preferred for the calamari to have been a bit more tender and the edges of the top part of the pastry to have been a little softer but I was highly impressed by this meal.

The jerk chicken with rice and peas was good. I could taste the pepper in the jerk but feel that it lacked the authentic, smoked, woody flavour that jerk is known for.

I had the rum cake served with double cream for dessert. Again exquisite presentation. The double cream was light and simple which I really enjoyed as sometimes creamy sauces can be a bit too rich and heavy on the stomach. I would have preferred the cake to be a bit firmer and sweeter: I feel that this would have complimented the sauce more.

I took home some oxtail and rice in containers that they would have given if they were delivering to a customer. Yes, you read correctly, Ayanna’s provides a delivery service!  What’s a pepperoni pizza when you can have top notch British-Jamaican cuisine brought to you?

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Ayanna’s is an exquisite place that offers  guests Jamaican inspired food with a fine British flair. Not only does the food taste great, the way in which it’s displayed is truly excellent. The atmosphere is nice too. They have definitely set the tone with Jamaican influenced fine dining!

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