Cuisine: Jamaican/Vincentian

Average price pp: £6.95-£10

What’s better than eating Caribbean food? Eating Caribbean food in unlimited amounts

for £6.95 per person. This astonishing and brilliant deal is available at Alchemy in

Croydon from Tuesday-Friday 12pm to 5pm. On Saturdays and Saturdays

they transform into a night club.


Jamaican cuisine is cooked Vincentian style as this is where the chef and owner

are from. The perfect fusion of two incredible Caribbean islands.


I found staff to be attentive and friendly, but feel that the inside décor could be

tweaked to improve the atmosphere.

The meal began with an illuminous rum punch, beautifully prepared with the colours

of red and yellow beaming through my wine glass. Yes wine glass which I requested because

I’m fancy like that! There was a strong presence of alcohol but the fruit flavours could still

be tasted. 

Now to the buffet! My first plate consisted of oxtail rice and peas, fried plantain, saltfish and

callaloo with salad. The plantain had been cooked very ripe, therefore it was particularly

soft and sweet which made it luscious. This was my first time having oxtail stewed with

dumplings and I was extremely impressed. The tender texture of oxtail meat and smooth soft

dumplings  thrilled my taste buds. The dumplings being small also made them easier to consume.

The rice and peas were standard and went well with the meal. Interestingly, my favourite food

on this plate was the saltfish and callaloo. You couldn’t really see the saltfish but you could

definitely taste it. Which each bite it just got better and better!

For my second plate, I chose white rice and again it complimented the others foods well.

I had two types of chicken: brown stew and sticky BBQ. The delicate brown stew had an

amazing savoury flavour with the perfect amount of saltiness. On the other hand, the sticky chicken,

fried and coated in a BBQ sauce, possessed a crispy coating which gave it a slight crunch.

The latter, was one of most delicious chicken pieces that I have ever had the pleasure of relishing in:

the way in which it had been cooked was very unique. The steamed veg was alright but could

have been less moist. I had small bite of the curry goat as I began to feel full. I must say, the more

I eat this, the more I discover what the hype around it is all about!

  • Atmosphere/Setting
  • Food presentation
  • Food quality
  • Service & Organisation


Alchemy provides great food that it is authentic, tasty and a great representation of two Caribbean islands cuisines. Unique to Croydon and greatly needed for the Caribbean community, I would travel to visit if I didn’t live locally. Staff are nice and provided a good service. Although I believe certain improvements could be made to the inside décor, it had a fine layout. Will definitely return, I mean unlimited food for 6.95 per person, why wouldn’t I?


Any rice

Sticky chicken

Callaloo and saltfish

Rum Punch



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