Saturday night saw a woman of many talents, Denise Richards and her business partner David Lewis,

launch “Cooking Up A Conversation,” a series of networking events aimed to bring like-minded people

together to discuss matters over dinner. Based in Hammersmith, West London, in an apartment

complex, the venue was cosy, well designed and very intimate. African – fusion chef, Lawrence from Papa L’s Kitchen   ,

cooked up a storm with his extraordinary culinary skills. The food was so beautifully presented

it looked like art.

Delicious canapes of mini tomato tarts and watermelon skewers were served whilst attendees

waited in the reception to be seated. A traditional, homemade Caribbean rum punch

was served as drinks. Guests included a restaurateur, a barrister, a comedian and people who

have set up their own charities. We graced the table and every individual gave an insight on their

life, career and explained the legacy they hope to leave behind. It was an honour to be in the presence

of people who were beyond ambitious.

The waitresses for the night provided a great service: food was delivered promptly and the wait

between each meal was well timed. For starters, I had king tiger prawns. Now, I usually eat with my

hands but after a quick glance at the table, seeing everyone with good table manners and etiquette

I decided to stick to the status quo. With a succulent and fleshy texture, the prawns were fresh tasting.

Spices could be savoured with every bite. Furthermore, it was easy to separate the head and the

tail from the meat as the shell had been cooked until it was delicate. This dish was cooked to perfection

and although the portion size was good, I wanted a second helping. There was also an option of a

vegetable tart complimented with a fennel and cucumber salad. I over heard guest saying

how pleased they were with this. Both starters went down well!

The mains followed, and the options were BBQ lamb cutlets or a fillet of bream. I chose the former.

Both dishes were served with sweet potato which had been made three ways: pureed, crisped and a pistou,

which is a form of relish. The lamb was tender and there was hint of sweetness in the flavour. The cutlet was

also a superb selection of the lamb as it hardly contained any fat.

Additionally, a coconut tart embellished with whipped coyo coconut yogurt was for dessert.

As someone who is not fond of the taste of fresh coconut shavings, I found the tart to be ok.

But, it was a hit with others. Someone even asked if there was any more, they enjoyed it that much.

Nevertheless, the coconut yogurt on top of the tart was nothing short of heaven. It had a smooth and creamy

consistency, and a rich, nice scent. My palate also detected a tinge of citrus, possibly lime, which

gave it a subtle tang.

This event was a night of pure excellence and fine dining. There were meaningful, in depth conversations

about life, business and there was a lot of laughter. Everyone had something to offer and the food was top notch.

This was by far the best networking event that I have been to and a night to remember!

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