Out of the many cuisines that I have tasted throughout my life, Jamaican food remains one

of my favourites. If I could describe it in one word it would be flavourful.  True Jamaican dishes

cannot be bland. Over this past year, I have dined at many Jamaican food spots and thought that I

would give you foodies a list of the top 7 inna (Patois for in) London, coming from experience of course!

7. Dutchie’s – Croydon

This underground restaurant always has great reggae music for you to chill and relax to whilst eating

some authentic yard fare. Their Guinness punch is unmatched and their calamari is the best

I’ve tasted. Also, be sure to check out their oxtail and jerk chicken dishes with rice and peas.

6. Yah So – Thornton Heath

Fairly new, Yah So has been established for just over a year. They have the best restaurant interior

and exterior that I have seen for a restaurant. The Caribbean Dream cocktail is rich with

fruity flavours and tastes heavenly, so is their jerk pork. If you prefer a

takeaway this service is available or you can go to their sister business, Deli’s takeaway, located next door.

5. Rock Steady Rum Lounge – Gipsy Hill

This cosy, and intimate family run business has been designed to make you feel as though you

are in a 70’s Jamaican household. This nostalgia along with the sweet reggae tunes will definitely

have you in right mood when dining. The jerk salmon is impeccable along with the wings marinated in

their special sauce. The pineapple and mango coleslaw is also tasty and a unique side dish to try.

4. Rudie’s – Dalston

Rudie’s beautifully captures the essence of Jamaican culture whilst simultaneously representing the

flair of East London. If you can handle heat and I’m talking about your mouth on fire, scotch bonnet

heat the boston wings and pepper prawn salad are a great choice. If you have a mild palate the

calamari and papaya and avocado salad are perfect options.

3. Pandaberry – North Finchley

Pandaberry is the definition of authentic Jamaican cuisine. No fusion food, no compromising spices

and flavours, just strictly delicious, traditional Jamaican fare. The owner, Pandora, will have

you feeling at home. I strongly suggest the ackee and saltfish, oxtail and jerk chicken.

2. Ayanna’s – Canary Wharf

Imagine Jamaican and British cuisine fused together and sold in a luxury setting. This is what you

experience when dining at Ayanna’s. The graceful scenery will have you feeling privileged to be there.

The pina colada made with two different rums is divine and so is the duck stir-fry!

1. Negril – Brixton Hill

The food at Negril is so unbelievably fresh that it is evident that the food is sourced organically.

This goodness can be tasted with every bite! I strongly recommend the jerk ribs, saltfish fritters, homemade

ginger beer and oxtail with rice and gungo peas.

So there you have it a countdown to the Top 7 Jamaican restaurants inna London 2018.

Be sure to visit some if not all of these fantastic establishments in the New Year. Each has their

own distinct features which make them amazing and it is important to keep these types of eateries alive in our community!

Jamaican food to di world!!


  • Thanks this is very informative. I do think I’d probably include a few more places outside of South London for some balance. There are nice places to eat in West London also, around Shepherds Bush and Ladbroke Grove for example, but still it’s nice to see our food being enjoyed and put under the spotlight for a change.

    • Hello, thank you for the feedback. I will definitely be visiting some more places outside of South London soon. Stayed tuned!

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