Get ready and fasten up unuh seat belts, we’re on the road to a Caribbean food movement!

Caribbean food is one of the best cuisines in the world. Yes I said it in THE WORLD –  call me bias if ya really want ta! The food is a combination of many different cultures, African, Indian, Chinese, French and Spanish to name a few.

With so many islands, but around 26 being the most popular, each island has their own unique style, no two are the same. I feel like when it comes to Caribbean food, people mainly know about Jamaica and jerk chicken, so stereotypical I know but it’s the truth. Shout out to all my Jamaicans though. Even with that there’s dishes better than jerk chicken in my opinion. I feel that Caribbean food doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves, which is where I step eeeen, see what I done there. Bad gyal! 

Here you’ll find honest reviews and the best places to go for great Caribbean cuisine in the UK. I will also give recommendations on what to try. Whether you have Caribbean food often, or you’ve never had it before but want to try, you’re in the right place.




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